Find Treatment for Neck Pain

Find Treatment for Neck Pain

Find Treatment for Neck Pain

Proper neck pain treatment in Midtown requires an understanding of your pain and the reasons for your discomfort. When you have nerve pain or neck pain in Manhattan or Midtown, a chiropractic professional in our office offers solutions for the 10019 area.

Common Causes of Neck Pain Seen by Our Chiropractor

The underlying causes of neck pain can determine the appropriate treatment from a Midtown chiropractor. At Carnegie Chiropractic, P.C., we evaluate the situation and all of your symptoms before recommending treatment solutions.

  • Common reasons for neck pain include:
  • Compression on your nerves
  • Strained muscles
  • Injuries from an accident
  • Damage from an illness
  • Wear and tear on the joints

Depending on the reason for the pain, a Midtown chiropractor provides appropriate treatment solutions. At our clinic, we identify the cause of the pain before starting a treatment program.

Why Treat Neck Pain

The primary reasons you want to consider neck pain treatment in Midtown NYC depends on the cause of your pain. In most cases, early treatment allows you to recover in a short time. Furthermore, avoiding treatment may result in more complex injuries or persistent pain.

We recommend treating the pain as soon as you notice a concern. You may also want treatment after a car accident or incident at work leading to an injury.

How Our Chiropractor Helps with Nerve Pain

When you visit our chiropractor for nerve pain and neck pain, we evaluate the underlying cause and then provide a treatment plan. We use spinal decompression to reduce pressure on the nerves. We also provide spinal adjustments or realignments to improve the function of your spine and neck.

When neck and nerve pain stem from a strained muscle, we may also recommend massage therapy and corrective exercises to improve your mobility and reduce the pain. Neck pain complicates your daily activities by limiting your mobility. When you notice pain, stiffness or discomfort in the neck and shoulders, you may need professional treatment to address the underlying causes of the pain.

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