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Feeling pain from a slipped disc raises concerns about your health. When you visit our chiropractor, you want to ensure that the treatment programs address your needs and help reduce the pain that you experience. At Carnegie Chiropractic, we offer chiropractic services that focus on alleviating back and neck pain that stems from a herniated disc or similar concerns. Keep reading to see the other services our clinic has to offer in Midtown NYC and Pleasantville!

Chiropractic Treatments

Our Manhattan chiropractor offers a variety of tools that address your concerns and needs. Chiropractic treatments specifically address concerns that stem from your spine or neck. For example, it treats a slipped disc or helps address pain from soft tissue injuries.

Spinal Decompression

Pressure that builds up in your spine leads to pain and discomfort. Whether it is pain that stems from a herniated disc or it stems from muscle injuries that add pressure to specific points, you want to reduce the compression. At our clinic, our Midtown chiropractor uses spinal decompression to alleviate pressure and help address the radiation of pain through different areas. Spinal decompression specifically focuses on the underlying pressure that contributes to pain in your back.

Corrective Exercises

Although a treatment plan for disc degeneration or injuries to your back starts with addressing the underlying problem, chiropractic services at our clinic also address the problems that stem from muscles and joints. Corrective exercises help strengthen the muscles that support your spine so that your back and neck heal over time. We recommend exercises based on your recovery goals as well as the problems that you want to address with treatment.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a tool that helps address pain and discomfort that stems from your muscles. An injury to your back or an accident that leads to a herniated disc can cause injuries to the muscles at the same time. You can notice pain from sprains, strains and bruises that develop during an accident. Using massage therapy at the same time as spinal decompression, you help reduce the pain from the pulled muscles and allow the body to heal completely.

Lifestyle Suggestions

Since your lifestyle plays a role in the way that your back and neck heal, we make recommendations and suggestions based on your situation and needs. Our lifestyle recommendations range from exercise suggestions to nutritional counseling. We also make suggestions about ways to improve your posture and prevent injuries to your back or neck from your daily activities.

Nutritional Therapy

Your back and spine play a key role in your overall health, but you also need to fuel your body with nutrients and minerals for optimal health. If we notice during treatment that you have signs of a nutritional deficiency, then we make suggestions for nutritional changes, supplementation or overall diet.

Improving the health of your body starts with recognizing the underlying causes of your concerns. At our clinic, we offer the tools you need to heal and recover.


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