Are You Looking for the Best Treatment for Back Pain in?

Are You Looking for the Best Treatment for
Back Pain?

Are You Looking for the Best Treatment for Back Pain in?

Back pain is a common problem for adults of all ages. While some people suffer back pain because of old sports and work injuries, others experience back pain as the result of lifestyle habits, car accidents or slips, trips and falls. Whatever the case, seeking back pain treatment in midtown can help you find relief and improve your quality of life. At Carnegie Chiropractic in midtown Manhattan, we help patients get rid of their back pain using non-invasive, medication-free methods.

How Carnegie Chiropractic Can Help

At Carnegie Chiropractic, we provide natural, holistic pain relief. We use the following methods to provide natural pain management for our patients:

Spinal adjustment- This important chiropractic technique helps realign the vertebrae in the spine, thus relieving pressure on the muscles and joints. Spinal adjustment also helps with back pain from conditions like sciatica.

Massage therapy- Massage therapy helps loosen and relax tight muscles. This can relieve back pain that occurs as the result of anxiety and stress, and can also help patients regain flexibility and mobility.

Stretches and exercises- We teach patients to perform stretches and exercises that can help improve their strength and coordination as they heal. Stretches and exercises can be done inside and outside the chiropractic clinic, so patients can work on the healing process on their own.

Spinal decompression- Spinal decompression is a technique that uses negative pressure to help relieve pain from herniated discs.

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If you’ve been searching for a doctor for back pain in Midtown NYC or Pleasantville, come and visit us at Carnegie Chiropractic P.C. Patients seeking natural back pain relief for lower back pain and upper back pain call us today for an appointment and for more information.


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