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Erika Shannon has worked with celebrities including Iman and America Ferrera, been featured in Glamour, Weight Watchers, and Shape Magazines, and presently teaches at New York City's Equinox Fitness Club. Her greatest desire is to keep you healthy and happy through the joy of movement.

Tesha Buss is the owner/creator of Good Commons. Raised on a dairy farm and doing back flips by the age of three, Tesha reached her childhood dream of becoming a Broadway performer, only to discover that, a new dream--a retreat center to rest and revitalize--would soon reveal itself. She welcomes the revolving door of health and wellness professionals, artists, vacationers and more who see to "be Good".

Matthew Wexler is the resident chef at Good Commons as well as a freelance food and lifestyle writer. He is proud to share the bounty of the Northeast with all those who visit Good Commons through the preparation of fresh, vibrant and accessible cuisine. Matthew's writing can be found at .

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