Suffering From Neck Pain?

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Carnegie Chiropractic is a family-oriented practice offering a whole body approach to wellness. Our expert chiropractor, Dr. Gordon, offers an extensive list of services and specializes in many different therapies for specific issues and injuries, but also loves to focus on “bread and butter” wellness with his wide range of patients. Whether you’re suffering from acute neck pain or simply want to feel better overall, Carnegie Chiropractic can help.

If you’re looking for a Midtown NYC Chiropractor who can help you with neck pain or nerve pain, you’re in luck. Carnegie Chiropractic specializes in helping patients identify the source of their pain, then building a holistic treatment plan to help them address it once and for all. If you’ve suffered from nerve pain in your neck or another area of your body, we can help. If your neck pain stems from a recent injury, we can help there as well.

Our Midtown NYC Chiropractor understands that no matter what the cause of your pain, you can’t live the life you’re used to while it persists. We inspect your body and your symptoms carefully, looking for the true root cause of pain, so that once we form a treatment plan, you can be sure it will work reliably.

Pain Relief in Midtown Using Spinal Decompression and Other Therapies

Our treatments for pain relief in Midtown vary widely, but one excellent option for neck pain is spinal decompression. By inverting the body and taking pressure off of the discs that cushion your vertebrae, it is often possible to relieve neck pain in just a single session. With a few more, your pain might disappear completely, or you might opt to make regular visits to ensure it doesn’t return.

When you’re looking for pain relief in Midtown through spinal decompression or any other therapy, come to us. We provide a wide range of holistic therapies that complement one another and work together seamlessly to get you to maximum health as quickly as possible.

Visit a Midtown Chiropractor in the 10019 Area Code

Carnegie Chiropractic is a Midtown chiropractor founded by Dr. Jason Gordon. As a licensed New York Chiropractor, Gordon proudly serves all members of the New York community and offers a wide range of services, including spinal decompression, cold laser therapy, nutritional counseling, food sensitivity tests, sports-related injuries, kineseo taping, digital x-rays and digital spinal scans, orthotics, adjustments, myofascial work and treatment for subluxation.

No matter what your neck pain stems from, our Midtown chiropractor can help. If you’re looking for an expert to help you with neck pain in the 10019 area code, look no further. We are located at:

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When you’re ready to get that neck pain treated once and for all, please call to request an appointment. We can’t wait to help you on your way to better health.

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