Why Try Spinal Decompression for Slipped Disc?

Why Try Spinal Decompression for Slipped Disc?

Why Try Spinal Decompression for Slipped Disc?

Our Midtown chiropractor sees many patients who have a slipped disc or herniated disc and were told that back surgery was their only option. These lucky patients decided to get a second opinion before trying surgery and found Carnegie Chiropractic. Let us tell you, there is another option than back surgery. Learn how spinal decompression may be able to heal your slipped or bulging disc naturally.

Spinal Decompression with Our Chiropractor

One of our main chiropractic services, spinal decompression, aims to stretch or decompress the spine. We know that spines shrink or compress when faced with pressure, like that caused when you sit all day. When we use a traction table to reverse direction, we can stretch the spine and restore its natural length.

Not only does this feel great when you suffer from back pain, it has practical benefits too. Chief among them is the fact that spinal decompression allows slipped discs to naturally go back to their proper place. Yes, that's right, by using this special table we can treat a slipped disc naturally. No surgery, medication, or painful recovery is needed.

Our chiropractor can introduce stretching and strengthening methods once you have recovered from the injury. These allow you to rehabilitate your back and reduce the risk of a recurrence of your injuries. We would also be happy to recommend nutritional supplements, suggest lifestyle modifications, and support your recovery in any way we can. Dr. Gordon is a passionate believer in whole person healing and holistic wellness care.

If you seek a healthcare provider that truly wants the best outcome for you, without subjecting you to expensive and invasive treatments that are not the only option, then you owe it to yourself to visit our chiropractor. With a series of spinal decompression treatments, you can end back pain due to a herniated disc.

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